22 January 2023

Is India ready for accepting POK territory as well as POK’s people?

Is India ready for accepting POK territory as well as POK’s people?

Same thing with Baluchistan and the Sindhu area which are currently parts of Pakistan. You think, why did I suddenly talk about POK, Baluchistan, and The Sindhu? Nowadays Pakistan is struggling to overcome crises and striving. And as we know, a very large population is the poor class in Pakistan. The condition of poor people's survival has worse day by day. Mostly the richest people of Pakistan are lived in Karachi and Panjab sides, and the mass poor population lives in Baluchistan and Sindhu. As we know, POK people live in Pakistan at gunpoint since being taken away from India’s part. “Because of all these critical situations in Pakistan, the People of POK are raising slogans to the region of the India union territory to live better than Pakistan.” As per the media report. 

One important question is “Is India ready for accepting POK territory as well as the POK’s people” and “Is people of the POK will live here freely like Indians.” What do you think? and how would you behave when all it happened?

My opinion is India will be eager to join the POK, but it will bring threats of new terror attacks in now POK as well as now parts of India, and common people will lose their lives. How can I know only good people will come from there, maybe some bad people will come, or planted people of Pakistan will also come to our territory with a destroyer mindset. And maybe the majority of religious people in India cannot mentally accept the Muslims of the POK, and conflict between the Indian majority and the minority will increase.


Kunal Bhushan

International Relations

Source-  YouTube ANI News