27 June 2021

Rape in South Asia.

As usual, the target of rape is being blamed. I think when a man, a woman, a child or a transgender goes out on the road, he is just a citizen, Whose security is the responsibility of the state. 
Woman - Mother - Sister - Daughter can be for home or society, But in the eyes of the law, She is only a citizen. Whose right is no less than that of none, nor is it greater. When you blame the victim of a terrible crime like rape. They question the girl who must have worn a small dress, what she needed to go out alone at night and that her behaviour must have done so. A lot of poor thinking is presented in society. 
This means that we are telling every generation that there is something bad in a woman that a man cannot control himself. This means that a woman's dress, behaviour should be of the will of a man and not of his own. He should be in his house before evening, he should do only a few jobs in which men think it is safe. Rather, this thinking is not of an illiterate, but often by our elders, intellectuals and leaders. For a while, I am willing to accept that a woman is a victim of rape for her gait shield and her slanting nature. If someone tells me how sexist was 86-year-old Grandma's move was last week in Delhi, What were the short dresses she wore that the 30-year-old rapist could not control herself? In Pakistan, a 5-year-old girl was strangled after being raped in Karachi last week, what fashion did she have done that made the rapist go berserk?
What colour blouse was the girl who was raped in a moving bus in Delhi in 2012?
Six women from the same family were paraded without clothes at gunpoint in a crowded market in Nawabpur, the ruler of General Jaye in Pakistan, Was the woman on the show stage of a fashion parade?
Those who say that a woman is often the culprit in the incident. Will he still say the same thing if a woman and child is killed by a rapist in her house?

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